Automatically Upload Photos to Flickr

Step 3

Download the “Uploadr” python scripts to work with your Flickr account

Uploadr requires two python scripts (.py extensions). The first is the file – found here. This link takes you to a text file. Create an “uploadr” folder inside your Python installation (c:\python26\uploadr\). Copy the text file and rename it to and save in the uploadr folder.

You’ll need to modify two settings. The first is the location of the images where you’ll copy photos and then upload to Flickr. I would recommend that you work out of your My Pictures folder. So start by creating a folder with just a few photos in it that you can test later.

IMAGE_DIR = “C:/Documents and Settings/Brock/My Documents/My Pictures/Test/”

Then customize the settings that you would like to use for files to upload to your Flickr account. I always upload as Private first (is_public: 0), then review on the site for what I want to make public, but you can do it however you like. Public photos would be “is_public: 1″.

FLICKR = {“title”: “”…”is_public”: “0″…}

The last thing you need to do after modifying the file is to create a new copy of the file called uploadr.pyw, or just rename the to uploadr.pyw.

The second script is called This link also takes you to a text file. Copy the text file and rename it to, then save to the uploadr folder. No configuration is needed with this file.

Now you need to test the uploadr.pyw file. Copy some test photos to the IMAGE_DIR folder, then open a command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd). Change to the uploadr directory by typing “cd c:\phython26\uploadr\”. Then simply type uploadr.pyw. You’ll be asked to give permission to the application by logging into Flickr. Once that is done, go back to the command prompt and confirm that you’ve given Flickr permission. Now run the uploadr script again and it will copy up the photos to your Flickr account. Log into your account and look for the new photos.

If you have trouble, check this link on Lifehacker for a detailed walk-through of setting up “uploadr”. The article on lifehacker details how to set this up so that it continually monitors your My Pictures folder for new photos, but since I only add them by card reader, I prefer to let python stop after it is done uploading pictures. Besides, the batch file takes care of all of that for me.

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Download the batch file for your digital camera

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