Automatically Upload Photos to Flickr

Step 5

Install TweakUI and add batch file as an option in the AutoPlay menu

Download and install TweakUI from Microsoft. It’s free.

Open it up and navigate to

My Computer ⇒ AutoPlay ⇒ Handlers and click Create (see picture)

From the top:

  1. Description: Upload CAMERA_NAME pictures to Flickr
  2. using: (optional) uploadr
  3. Args: (in quotes) “C:\Python\Uploadr\path_to_your_batch_file.bat”
  4. Change Icon… Choose the Camera icon
  5. Supported Media: I’d suggest checking Mixed content, Video files & Digital Images.
Create AutoPlay Handler

Create AutoPlay Handler

You’re almost done!

Next Step

Tell AutoPlay to run batch file for each Flash Card or Digital Camera

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