Google Chart Generator

Version 1.0.4

The GCG Plugin will insert a page called “Google Chart Generator” under your Settings in WordPress 2.7+ that allows you to select from the available charts in the Google Chart API. Knowledge of the API *is not required*. The options page allows you to select from the available charts in the API, add labels, select the size, colors, etc. Once you have designed a chart to your liking, you may either copy & paste the tag directly into your post, or you can save your chart for use in the provided widget. You will also have an insert button in the write post box that allows you to insert a saved chart into a post or page.

It will soon be able to do more than static charts: you’ll be able to link it to your WordPress database so that your charts update automatically. Some example charts might be: number of comments per month represented as a line chart, average number of days between posts, and a few others.

It was accidentally release to the plugin repository (oops) on 6.1.2009 before development was complete. It got a ton of downloads in one day, so I went ahead and released version 1.0.1 that cleans thinks up a bit and actually links here. I’ll be adding more features this week. 1.0.3 is out with things like labels, titles and colors. Download it today!


12 thoughts on “Google Chart Generator

  1. Malcolm

    Great chart generator. It is easy to enter data and see a preview. However, after selecting and copying the code provided, I can’t seem to get it to show up on a page or a post. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong?

  2. brockangelo Post author

    If you copy and paste the link in a browser, you should see a chart. If it isn’t showing up in your post or page, you probably haven’t inserted the proper html tags. Try inserting the chart using the “img src=” tags and see if that works.

  3. Tracy

    I just downloaded this plugin. It seems to be just what I was looking for. My initial chart had data values of 244 and 229. The line chart I created had a straight line connecting the 2 values at 100. Can I use values that are greater than 100?

  4. brockangelo Post author

    The current version does not support data above 100, because the Google Charts API doesn’t support it using the default method of constructing URLs. There is another method that I’m working on that will allow values greater than 100, and will provide cleaner, shorter URL’s for the charts. Keep watching for future releases.

  5. brockangelo Post author

    Unfortunately not at present. I am starting grad school and am pretty swamped. Sorry for the let-down. Though others are welcome to step in. :D

  6. Seth Long

    Brock – The plugin currently shows up on the Settings menu, which is only available to admin-level users. Is there any way to make it available to editors, authors, and contributors?

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  8. arctosfx


    nice WP plugin, but it doesnt seem to chart negative values. Am i not doing something right or it just doesnt recognize negative numbers?


  9. void*

    Hi, thanks for writing this tool Brock.
    I write here because it raise a javascript error: in my case “Quick-Cache” plugin create a hidden form, so you don’t should use document.forms[0] .
    I suggest you give an id to the form, and use document.forms['form-id'], in this mode:

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