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Windows Run Box Doesn’t Suggest Anymore

If you are a regular user of the Windows Run Box, you probably have gotten very accustomed to a feature called “Inline AutoComplete”. This feature is very handy. You simply start typing for the file or folder that you want, and the Run Box suggests it as you type.

However, for some reason, my Run Box decided to stop suggesting files or folders on my C:\ drive or any of my networked drives. This makes work so much more difficult, especially when you rely on this feature and don’t remember the names of all of the folders.

Open the Windows Run Box in Windows XP (by clicking Start à Run or typing Win+R on the keyboard). Then start typing the location of a file on your computer. You can start by typing “C:\”. If you Inline AutoComplete is working, you’ll see this:

autofills or autocompletes as you type

If Inline AutoComplete is not working, you’ll see this:

when it doesn't suggest - no autofill

Of course, you wouldn’t know that it was called “Inline AutoComplete” just by looking at it, and it will drive you mad if you go looking for it. You won’t find this in the properties of the Start Menu.

To enable Inline AutoComplete, you have to go to Internet Explorer. Yes, this is a feature of IE. Under Tools, Internet Options, Advanced, scroll about half way down and check “Use Inline AutoComplete”.

Check "Use Inline AutoComplete"

There is no indexing necessary, and the change is immediate. Now when you go back to the Run Box, it will suggest as you type. See the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article here for more info.